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 Going for Half the Globe
류가 아닌 본류릅니다.


GLOBAL STANDARDS [G2S] In English Learning.

Unique and Creative schooling in a way that is highly effective, incomparable and innovative. From the very beginner to Intermediate to the upper Advanced level of English as well. A good range of courses elaboratively composed/arranged, covering grammar, vocabulary, listening practice, reading, speaking training and creative writing sessions are in place for further English learning like IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC, TEPS plus course for schoolers. G2S English Academy, foreign language research and educational institute. The right place as far as English learning is concerned.

본원 지투에스 어학원은 영어를 정통으로 꿰뚫는 ACADEMY를 지향하고자, 독자적으로 20년간 (8년 연구소, 12년 어학원) 의
연구, 교재작업을 토대로, 그 효과를 입증한 수업들을 진행해 오며, 연구소에서, 영어전문 어학원으로 거듭난 곳 입니다.
이제 독자 브랜드로 거듭납니다.

아이엘츠, 토플, 텝스 등 인증시험엔 턱없이 부족한 원어민 위주 회화교육, 그리고, 실제 언어 구사능력을 발휘하지 못하는 입시위주 영어교육..
여전히 방황하는 이 나라 영어교육 두 갈래 길...

"언어는 그 표현능력이 그 존재 이유입니다. 또한 그 능력은 인증시험들과 따로 놀 수 없어야 합니다."

어떤 자격 인증 시험이든, 결국 “제대로 된 실력 갖춘다면, 더 이상 두려울 것 없다.“ 는 그 간단한 원칙을 만들어 가기 위한 곳,
G2S 입니다.

내공을 쌓아가며, 시험이든 회화든, 수강생 분들이 원하시는 것을 준비하시고, 그에 따른 좋은 결과 얻으실 수 있도록 커리큘럼들을 구성해 놓았습니다.

선입견과 편견을 깨기 위한 수많은 세월...

이제야 알겠습니다. 그건 억지로 깨지는 게 아닌, 이렇게 자연스럽게 인정받으며 해결되는 문제임을...

“왜?”에서 그 해답을 찾고, 그것을 실천에 옮겨온 곳. 그곳이 G2S 였고, 앞으로도 그러할 것입니다.

또한 저희 연구개발 노력은 앞으로도 진행형입니다.
이제껏 그래왔던 것처럼...


Have been asked by so many adult people this question "How to learn English?" Firstly, I had never thought I would be here getting a position to help others with English. It may sound a bit ironic but I reckon I should confess I've been there when I was in the middle of nowhere like the people above.

Secondly, please pardon me if I seem stereotypical but if I'm not mistaken, the only and the best way to learn foreign languages is to keep track of the way which might sound so simple and stale. Understanding the basic rules about how the language, or how the sentence is structured to be precise, followed by the repetition and application. Different people learn in different ways though.

What counts is the fact that every individual has their own belief and experience, but mostly the misguided belief is biased and brought up by the marketers that are only keen to make huge profit and foreign language learning novices as well who think putting themselves into the country abroad is the only option without their having any slightest idea as to what the grammar/syntax is like. Partly right. but No when it comes to adults at the least. Many of you come to be aware of what a waste of time and money it was in hindsight, which is a pity.

Last but not least, something I'd very much like you to keep in mind is the fact that what must have bothered you and aggravated you most while learning, which has also frustrated me likewise, will be lack of chances to meet the right place either at home or abroad where you should be able to take advantage of.

Whenever you think you need help, please let us remind you, we G2S is very near you, looking forward to giving you super support with a view for you to be fluent enough in speaking and writing in English in practical situation there as well as to get you much better prepared for English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, TEPS, etc. Thank you.

Best wishes,


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